NEW Solaire Price List (effective March 20, 2023)

Price changes for our Solaire Infrared Grills are effective for all orders placed on or after Monday, March 20, 2023.

Like everyone, we continue to experience increases in all costs, which has resulted in our increasing prices 5% across the board. Exceptions are Solaire Portables (Mini, Everywhere and Anywhere), and Island Accessories (doors, drawers, etc.), which are increasing by only $2 to the nearest last digit of 3 or 9.

All prices are effective for orders placed on or after March 20, 2023


Our Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAPP) for Solaire (as well as Logs and Bromic) is MSRP, so please be sure to update all advertised prices (such as in online stores, web listings, or print ads) by March 20, 2023.


Eclipse Electric Heater – Update

We are fully stocked on Eclipse Pendant and mounting accessories,and on the Eclipse Portable. Please view current prices and brochures at the below links.


Bromic Eclipse Electric Heaters

Please find updated product briefs by clicking these buttons:

Platinum 4500W Electric Heater

We now have initial inventory of the Platinum 4500W Electric Heater, the big brother to the 3400W and 2300W Platinum heaters. We have on hand Black and White, 240V and 208V. We are awaiting 316 SS Marine Versions.

Platinum 4500W Electric Heater

New Platinum Electric Brochure =

We also have Ceiling Recess Kits for the 4500W, but please verify that you meet the dimension requirements for the ceiling cavity on Page 9 of the Installation Manual =


Platinum Low Clearance Recess Kits

Recess Kits

We now have inventory of the Low Clearance Recess Kits for Platinum 2300W and 3400W Electric Heater (nothing yet for the 4500W). A built-in circulating fan greatly reduces clearance requirements in the ceiling cavity compared to the standard recess kit, increasing the number of ceilings which can accept a recessed Platinum 2300W or 3400W Electric Heater.

Instruction Manual is at and other specs are in the Platinum Electric Brochure linked in the previous section.


Bromic Electric Heaters Sale (Revised)

Tungsten Heater

Bromic has extended their relaxed 20% off MAP policy for all Tungsten Electric and Tungsten Portable Gas Heaters, until April 10, 2023

Rasmussen is also running a SALE on the above Bromic Heaters through April 10, 2023.

If you did not receive our direct email to your company about this, and are interested in saving $$ on these Bromic heaters, please contact Rett Rasmussen at or 562-696-8718.


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