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October 2013

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NEW—Solaire Grill Point of Purchase Sticker.

The grill will sell itself– literally!

SolaireGrills.info Sticker

Announcing an innovative way to easily and thoroughly show all of the features and benefits of the Solaire Infrared Grills to potential customers. Just place these small (5” wide x 2” tall) easily removable stickers on the bullnose of the Solaire Grills on your display floor, and watch as potential buyers simply scan the QR Code or type in SolaireGrills.info on their Smart Phones. There they can view short, highly informative videos about the Solaire Infrared Grills.

The videos cover aspects of the grill such as:

  1. Full exterior and interior tour;
  2. Infrared burner;
  3. Quality engineering and Made-in-the-USA construction;
  4. Benefits of Infrared;
  5. Exceptional Warranty;
  6. And much more.

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Price Change – Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters

Bromic Heaters Price Change

Prices for Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters will change for all orders placed on November 15, 2013 and after.

Please download the new price list at http://rasmussen.host4kb.com/article/AA-00537/85/Bromic-Radiant-Patio-Heater-MSRP.html.




Solaire “Tailgating Grill” Special. Order three or more Solaire Everywhere Portable Infrared Grills and receive a 15% discount from the normal discounted price AND Free Shipping.

Order accessories for the portable (adapter hose, tripod, side shelf kit, SS stand, Natural Gas or Low Pressure Conversion kits) at the same time as the grills to also receive 15% discount and free shipping on them.

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Chillbuster 3 Evening Embers with Millivolt Control Valve. Order three or more sets and receive a 20% discount from the normal discounted price AND Free Shipping.

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March 31 2020

– Update from Rett Rasmussen
– Rasmussen/Solaire is Open For Business
– ATTENTION! Freight Carrier Changes
– Recommended Article
– Rett with a Goatee?

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December 2019 News

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!
– Holiday Closure Schedule

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August 29 2019 News

– Labor Day Hours
– NEW Gas Logs/FireBalls/Etc. Price List
– NEW Solaire Infrared Grills Price List
– NEW Solaire Item – AllAbout Three Burner on Cart
– Update to AllAbout Two Burner
– NEW Bromic Patio Heater Price List
– NEW Bromic Items

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