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  Jan – Feb 2012

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    HPBExpo 2012

pic5The show is March 1-3, 2012 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta.

We'll be there, in Booth 1407; after you go through the main entrance, turn left and you'll see Rasmussen.

Question: Will you be there, too?


    HPBExpo 2013 – Change of Venue

feedback bosHPBA was informed in early January that the new Music City Convention Center n Nashville, TN would not be completed in time for the March 2013 show.

HPBA found that Orlando was available, and the Board of Directors voted to hold the show there March 13-16, 2013.

We know it's a year away, but what do you think of Orlando? Do you think that you will attend?


    NEW– Valve Vanisher™ with EIS
Rasmussen has created the Valve Vanisher ™ as the solution to three main issues with Electronic Ignition Systems installed inside the fireplace:

              1. The "Big Ugly Box"
              2. The Big Ugly box requires that the gas log set be downsized in order to center the set; otherwise, the log set is off-centered. Either way, the aesthetics of the gas log set and fireplace are less than desirable.
              3. The components are very heat sensitive.

              With the Valve Vanisher, Rasmussen has taken the components of the Big Ugly Box and located them underneath the gas log set. The VV raises the log set up just 2 5/8". The control valve is located on the right, and the control module on the left; both are in cool zones proven by extensive testing.


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              We have pages for both Rasmussen Gas Logs and Solaire Infrared Grills. Stop on by, read our posts and feel free to contribute your photos and stories to the community.

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                  Relevant Info for Your Business
              Best Sellers for 2011pic5

              Here is a recap of our best sellers and sales proportions for 2011. This info is good for determining displays, directing customer choices and fulfilling inquisitive minds.

              Top Vented Log Styles

              1. Lone Star (LS) – 18%
              2. Evening Prestige (EPR) – 16%
              3. TimberFire (PH) – 14%

              Honorable Mention: Prestige Oak (PR) and Evening CrossFire (EXF)

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              Is Facebook Advertising for You?

              pic5 Does your business have a doorknob that customers turn? If so, then Facebook is for you. Dentists, doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, physical trainers, gyms, specialty shops, cupcake stores, specialty groceries, beer and wine shops, restaurants, mechanics, theaters and music venues are highly likely to benefit from locally targeted Facebook campaigns

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              Super Bowl Psychology: What Winning Teams Do Right

              pic5 Success in business, as on the football field, is dependent on the quality of the people who make up the team, according to performance psychologist Jack Stark. The best companies have to have cohesive teams and focus on preparation, experts say.

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              Save big by rooting out money mistakes

              pic5A penny saved is not a penny earned. To business owners, a penny saved is a nickel, dime, or more earned. Let us explain: If you have a 10% profit margin, you need to generate $1,000 in new sales to net the same profit as cutting $100 in expenses. Thus a dime saved is a dollar earned.

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                  Make More Money NOW!

              Introducing the NEW Dealer Business Alliance (DBA) Program, sponsored by Rasmussen.


              Here's what you get FREE:

              • Advertising, branding strategies & collateral
              • Inside & outside sales strategies & training
              • Online PR development & distribution
              • Email marketing tools & distribution
              • Website deveopment & SEO Strategies
              • Live & online training events

              With Rasmussen and the Dealer Business Alliance program, you can make more money now.

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                Customer Testimonials

              Here are a few of our most recent testimonials we'd like to share:

              "I just wanted to let you know that I got the part for my 27" Solaire before Christmas. I installed it easily thanks to your instructions and the cleverly simple design of the grill. So now you can tell other buyers that replacing parts is "so easy even a 66 year old woman can do it." Thanks again!"
              – Noel T., St. Augustine, FL


              "Hi Rich,
              I received my (3) replacement infrared burners for my 27" Petite Solaire grill. Everything looks great and it FITS….yeah! I wanted to say just how satisfied I am with Rasmussen products and especially its customer service. You are one of the most customer service oriented people I have ever worked with and you sure know how to take care of your customers. You are a valuable assets to Rasmussen and probably the biggest reason I will continue to do business with Rasmussen."

              – Scott, S., Raleigh, NC


              "I needed someone to help me restart my pilot light on my Rasmussen logs. I called and just spoke to Felix. Felix was extremely helpful and most patient with me. I wanted the company to know that I appreciated Felix's help and most of all his encouragement to get the job done. He wasn't going to let me hang up without being successful. Thank you!!"
              – Mary N.,


              "My Solaire Anywhere is by far the best portable grill on the market and it's made in the USA."
              – Doug A., Port Charlotte, FL


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              Dads & Grads Promo May 2014

              Rasmussen News May 19, 2014 Solaire on the Radio   Advertising on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show begins today during the 3-6 pm PDT (4-7 MDT; 5-8 CDT; 6-9 EDT). We have committed to 2 60-second spots per day, five days per week, for this and next week. Towards the...

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              May 15, 2014 News

              Rasmussen News May 15, 2014 Solaire on Hugh Hewitt Radio Show Solaire will be featured in radio advertising voiced by Hugh Hewitt, who hosts a daily national radio show in 92 markets in the US, including 40 of the top 100. With a listener demographic that mirrors the...

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              Entrepreneur Hour

              Rett Rasmussen on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show's "Entrepreneur Hour" being interviewed by Hugh about Solaire Infrared Grills and marketing. The audio is in two files that will play consecutively. The first is 10:39 minutes. Allow to play to the end, then it will...

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              Feb 27, 2014 Solaire Announcement

              New Brochure   You may view our new Solaire Infrared Grills brochure (Form: SOLCAT-314) in RasBox at http://goo.gl/Su6mU We expect to receive the printed copies during the week of March 10. We do not automatically send brochures, so please place an order for your...

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              December 2013

              Solaire Infrared Grills     Merry Christmas!     Holiday Hours Rasmussen will be closed for: Christmas from Wednesday, Dec. 25 to Sunday, Dec. 29. New Year's Day on January 1. We will be open each of the other weekdays to serve your gas log, gas...

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              Nov 26, 2013 News

              Rasmussen News .November 26, 2013 Happy Thanksgiving "A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all other virtues." -- Cicero We are thankful for our customers, our family and friends, our opportunities and liberties in this special place on...

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              Nov 2013 News

              Rasmussen News November 11, 2013 Happy Veteran's Day! "I am an American fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense." -- U.S. Military Code of Conduct Rasmussen salutes those of us who have served...

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