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Focus on Selling Rasmussen Gas Logs

With Gas Log Season in full swing, here is some information to help you in your efforts to sell more Rasmussen Gas Logs (and FireBalls, FireStones and FireShapes):

Price List:

Every log set consists of the following simple concept:

Set = Logs + Burner + Lighting Control

While our price list may seem daunting, it provides the building blocks to help you fill in these elements to create a complete set.


What Do Consumers Want:

Gas Log Set

When a consumer is ready to buy a gas log set, why do they purchase one brand over another:

  1. Like the appearance. Focus on how it looks when not burning, as that is how most people experience their gas logs 95+% of the time.
  2. Proper fit. Gas Log set needs to be in scale to the fireplace opening and volume. Another aspect of “looking good.”
  3. Has the functionality they desire.
  4. Desire for quality and longevity.
  5. Want it now.



Why Buy Gas Logs from Rasmussen?

Confidence in the Company:

Rasmussen Black Smith

Reliable – Family owned and operated since 1907.

Service – Veteran owned and managed, with US Navy, Army and Marine Corps represented. Principals have a combined 78 years in Rotary Club, whose motto is “Service Above Self”, setting the tone for the entire staff

Experience – Invented the Vented Pan Burner. Making Vent-free sets longer than almost anyone else. Originator of contemporary gas fires with FireBalls.

Leadership – Key player in development and adoption of gas log appliance standards. Staunch defender of the market for gas logs through Vent-free Products Alliance and testimony against proposed restrictions by US Department of Energy.

Confidence in the Products:

  1. Appearances to fit most all desires. Bark, Split, Driftwood, Birch, Pine Cones, Solid Front Logs, Burned-through Front Logs, Bonfire and FirePit, Rumford Tipi (tall and short stacks), Andiron Classic Concept, FireBalls, FireStones, FireShapes, FireGlitter, CoalFire. Burners that use a grate, Burners that don’t use a grate
  2. Sizes to fit most fireplaces. Standard vented set sizes from 12” to 96”. Custom designed vented sets for larger and unusual fireplaces (Please complete the personalized log set sizing form at http://rasmussengaslogs.com/personalized-log-set-sizing/#). Four depths of see-through burners.
  3. Scale to fit most fireplaces. Combination of logs and burners to fit openings that are short, tall and everything in between. For example, our TimberFire logs with LC and LD burners are perfect in scale for tall, large volume fireplaces.
  4. Functionality options to fit most needs. Match lighted, safety pilot systems with various remotes, three types of Electronic Ignition Systems (two with variable flame height remote contr
    • Valve Vanisher system available for eight different vented burner designs. Control components placed underneath “false floor” raising set up by 2 5/8”, eliminating the “Big Ugly Box” that reduces the set size.
      • Available in Variable Flame Height Remote Control EIS and Millivolt Standing Pilot.
      • Wide range of factory assembled controls. Proven location for the pilot assembly, as well as experienced factory assembly, results in fewer service calls than safety controls sold as a kit.
  5. Vent-free with proven burner and control systems. Opposed louver, lanced port burners are forgiving in real world settings (drafts, fans), providing confident unvented operation. Proven ODS location eliminates nuisance shutdown. Full range of standing pilot manual and remote controls, as well as variable flame height remote control. Logs, Alterna Contemporary Gas Fires, and CoalFire (for small Victorian and Coal fireplaces with inadequate flues for vented sets that soot).
  6. Quality and Longevity
    • Real Wood for Patterns. Mother Nature does it best, we reproduce with latex rubber molds the texture, detail and undercuts from real wood, not try to make a log from a lump of clay.
    • “Grandma’s Secret Recipe” of refractory concrete for all of our logs, balls, stones and shapes. High temperature, low iron oxide content cement (reduces chance to turn pink), lightweight aggregates, crinkled steel rod reinforcement, plus special additives.
    • Proprietary Ceramic Stain Coloration – absorbs into the material’s pores, rather than merely covering the surface of the shape, like paint does. Unlike paint, Ceramic Stain will not burn away under fire – Ceramic Stain will age gracefully. Color appearance may vary from piece to piece, enhancing the uniqueness of our products.
    • Burners are heavy 16 gauge cold roll steel, painted with an enamel and cured in an oven. We use ½” Schedule 40 Pipe, not light duty tubing, for all vented burners. We fully weld the corners and around pipes in order to “gas tight” the pan.
    • All Grates (except for 12”/15” sets) are 5/8” Square Bar, welded on the diamond, to provide a stronger weld and a more hefty appearance than achieved by welding on the flat.
    • All vented burners are available in Stainless Steel for outdoor use. The CS Pan Burner in SS is a contemporary design feature for indoor modern décor.
    • Competitive warranties. Lifetime warranty from a 100+ year old company certainly means more than one who is in their first decade.
  7. Want it now. We ship at “the speed of Internet.” Our inventory and production are geared to fast turnarounds across our entire line. Most items ship in 1 to 3 days from order placement, many on the same day.

MAPP = MSRP. Advertised discounts from our Manufactured Suggested Retail Price is not permitted. Please report all violations to Rett@Rasmussen.biz.
Please Note: Sell price is between the seller and the buyer.



Quote of the Month

Quality is not an act. It is a habit.

— Aristotle

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

— William A. Foster



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