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Solaire Brochure


You may view our new Solaire Infrared Grills
(Form: SOLCAT-314) in
RasBox at http://goo.gl/Su6mU

We expect to receive the printed copies during the
week of March 10. We do not
automatically send brochures, so please place an
order for your needs to
Orders@Rasmussen.biz or fax 562-698-3510.


New Prices


New Prices – Solaire Price List Form: SOL-SRP-314

Effective March 10, 2014

Price List is in RasBox at http://goo.gl/QOaYhp

We do not automatically send hard copies of price lists. If you need us to send you a hard copy, please place an order at Orders@Rasmussen.biz or fax 562 698 3510.

We have made changes to the entire Solaire line that make Solaire the broadest line of infrared grills on the market, and enhance Solaire as a tremendous value. We continue our philosophy of not burdening our grills with features we know will fail in the field and cause customer dissatisfaction and service nightmares to dealers. Solaire is the “muscle car” of gas grills (see video Solaire Infrared – the Muscle Car of Grills).

1) Major Price Reductions. Following an analysis of close competitors’ online selling prices (not their higher MSRP), we adjusted our prices, mostly downward, to meet or beat our competition. Out of prices for 83 major grills and built-in accessories, 8 are higher, 6 are the same and 69 are lower.  Average price change by category:
Built-in grills with rotisserie … -4.5%
            Built-in grills without rotisserie … +4.7%
            Grills on Premium Carts … -20.6%
            Grills on Standard Carts … -14.7%
            Drawers … -30.9%
            Doors … -13.8%
            Insulated Jackets … -14.5%
            Grill Accessories (BBQ Tray, Griddle, Wood Chip Smoker, Steamer/Fryer) … No Change
            Portable Infrared Grills and accessories … No Change

In RasBox at the link above is a spreadsheet with comparisons of new and old prices, along with lowest competitor equivalent price ("equivalent" as best we can judge).

The short notice until the effective date is because of the large number of items that have either price reductions or no changes. Please do not delay purchases for the effective date – identify on your order “New 2014 Prices” and we will accept all orders from you at the new pricing for that and future orders. Please, no back-pricing for orders already received.

2) Covers are no longer included with 30” and larger grills. Covers will need to be ordered as accessories for all grills. This is consistent with the competition. (Carrying Bag is still included with Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill).

3) One price list. Grills and Parts combined into one document. Parts organized by igniter type and grill size. Not all parts are listed. Please email us at info@rasmussen.biz for a quote of any part needed but not listed.

4) Much more mirror polish on all grills: on the hood, bullnose, control panel and side shelves.

5) Sleek, tapered Side Shelves on all cart, pedestal and post models.

6) Metal knobs on all grills. Black knobs are no longer available.

7) All Pedestal Bases are fully factory assembled with welded construction for 21”, 21XL, 27” and 27XL – no more assembly required, just like our 30” and larger carts have been. New item numbers for these grill sizes installed on Pedestals.

8) 27XLC Square Cart Base now has a single front door, replacing the solid front and open back.

9) New Tank Slide Out Kit (item #SOL-TSK, page 4). All Standard Carts (including many made during the past two years) have installed nuts in the floor to accept this new accessory.

10) New All-Burner “true” 56” grill. Includes: 4 main burners, 2 independently controlled rear infrared rotisserie burners (one spit rod and one motor, two pairs of forks), 2 gas inputs for better gas distribution throughout grill. Truly the largest infrared grill on the market.

11) Two new Premium Carts for 56” grills. The “A” model has Two Drawers, Two Doors and One Tank/Trash Pull-Out. The “B” model has Two Doors and Two Tank/Trash Pull-Outs. Which one you use depends on which grill and which gas type, which is detailed in the item descriptions.

12) New Insulated Jacket for Solaire Accent 15” Grill. The Solaire Accent is our demo program grill, but is also a full-featured infrared grill, which can be used as either a table-top or built-in.


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