NEW Price Lists

Price changes for our Gas Logs/Alterna and Bromic Patio Heater lines are effective for all orders placed on or after Tuesday, September 5, 2023.



Solaire Infrared Grill prices from March 20, 2023 remain current.
Click here to download the current Solaire MSRP Price list.

Our Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAPP) for Logs, Solaire, and Bromic is MSRP, so please be sure to update all advertised prices (such as in online stores, web listings, or print ads) by September 5, 2023.

Changes to Bromic Price List:
1) Bromic raised prices 3% on:
  (a) Installed Platinum and Tungsten Gas Heaters, accessories, and parts.
  (b) Platinum Electric Heaters, accessories, and parts.
  (c) Eclipse Electric Heaters, accessories, and parts.

2) Bromic maintained prices on:
  (a) Tungsten Portable Gas and Tungsten Electric Heaters, accessories and parts.
  (b) There are now item numbers for various Tungsten Electric Heaters in 208V and 277V at $50 list more than the 220-240v versions.

Changes to Rasmussen Gas Logs/Alterna Price List:

1) Prices are increased by 5%.

2) Revised Item Numbers for Factory Assembled Lighting Control Systems:
   (a) “SPK1” is now “M”, e.g. B24FH-M-N
   (b) “RPK3E” is now “SE”, e.g. B24FH-SE-N
   (c) “RMC1E” is now “RE” e.g. B24FH-RE-N
   (d) “RPK3” is now “S”, e.g. B24FH-S-N

3) Discontinued SPK3E and ME Manual Safety Pilot Control versions for all vented and vent-free systems. Replaced with SPK1 and M Manual Control, which have better BTU capacity, which allowed us to add, the 36” versions of the FX, LC, LD, CXF, DF-CF, and TNA burners, as well as the 33” and 36” versions of the CS burner. The SPK1 and M also have excellent flame height control when turning the knob from the PILOT to ON positions. SPK1 and M are not upgradeable to Remote Control functionality.

4) Added “VRP” version of Valve Vanisher with Standing Pilot Variable Flame Height Remote Control (includes hand-held remote transmitter) to all vented burner types, 30” set size and smaller.

5) Revised the composition of the following FireBalls Packs:
   (a) FBPK-6 to 6 each from 8.
   (b) FBPK-7 to 4 each from 6.
   (c) FBPK-8 to 2 each from 3.
    These changes result in one carton weighing less than 49 lbs. for each of these items.

6) Discontinued item VA65, replaced by VA45, which is packed in one carton weighing 46 lbs.

7) Discontinued EIS-N135 (supplier discontinued making the components). Please use EIS-N200 instead.

8) Added Personalized Sizing Form at Page 71. This is the same information needed to complete the online form at

9) Number of Cartons and weight per item have been updated based on our continued efforts to keep, where possible, carton weights below 49 lbs.

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Feb 22, 2023

– NEW Solaire Price List (effective March 20, 2023)
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