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You can access the new price list on Tuesday, August 7, by clicking http://bit.ly/LogPriceList or visiting www.RasBox.com.

The new prices are effective for all orders placed on or after September 1, 2012. The new prices reflect price changes that range from 1% to 5%, depending on item, in order to meet the rising cost of business from increases in raw materials, components, labor, freight, insurance, etc.

The new list has been reformatted to include vented burner/lighting control combinations (factory assembled), making it easier for you to arrive at the proper price. They are arranged by control type (Match Light; Manual; Remote Ready; Variable Remote; Millivolt; and Valve Vanisher with EIS and Millivolt). There is still a-la-carte pricing for the individual burners and controls. The rest of the list have been grouped into product categories. Be sure to use the Table of Contents on Page 1 to find what you need. We will also have a familiarization video available to assist you in using the new price list, which will be available on Tuesday, August 7, at http://bit.ly/LogPriceList

pic5Effective September 1, 2012, MAP = MSRP for all Rasmussen products, including gas logs and associated products found in the latest price list; Solaire Infrared Grills; and Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters. This means that the advertised price may not be less than the list price. The new MAP Policy may be viewed at http://bit.ly/MAPPolicy.


Rasmussen is a 100+ year old company that manufacturers and sells specialty products of superior design, construction and support. Advertising products at MSRP helps to maintain the Rasmussen legacy as a top producer and serves to protect the reputation of our brand image, name and products. The potential for higher margin is an incentive for dealers to invest in displays and to promote our products, which ultimately results in the consumer receiving the availability, expertise and service in keeping with Rasmussen's standards of quality.

MAP policy only limits the prices at which Rasmussen products may be advertised and does not extend to the prices at which Reseller actually sells Rasmussen products, which are at the sole discretion of the Reseller.


You can access the Bromic Radiant Patio Heater price list by clicking http://bit.ly/BromicPrices or visiting www.RasBox.com.

The prices for the Tungsten Gas Heaters increased slightly, the pricing for the Platinum Gas Heaters remains the same, and the new list includes prices for the new Bromic Electric Heaters. The Tungsten Electric Heaters will be available in late September; the Platinum Electric by early 2013. We are taking orders now for the Tungsten Electric to ensure adequate inventory upon their availability. A flyer for the Tungsten Electric can be viewed at http://bit.ly/BromicElectricHeater as well as at www.RadiantPatioHeater.com

In the last newsletter we announced a new Solaire Infrared Grills price list. The price list is available on our knowledge base at www.RasBox.com, specifically at http://bit.ly/NewSolairePrices Also on www.RasBox.com are new resources to assist you in selecting the correct igniter system parts for the various grills we have made over the years. View them at http://bit.ly/IgniterMatrix and http://bit.ly/IgniterList.

    News and Notes
Vented Log Literature pic5

We are currently out of the old log brochures and are working on a revision that includes the Valve Vanisher and other items that were not in the previous version. Thank you for your patience while we put this together. In the meantime, please use our website at www.rasmussengaslogs.com as a reference and selling tool.


Boat Mounts for Solaire Anywhere and Everywhere Grills


In the last newsletter we reported that we discontinued the Rail Mount and Square Post Adapter for our Solaire Portable Grills. In their place, we recommend using the SOL-170BR Adapter Plate with many of the rail, deck and fishing pole mounts offered by Magma Products, which are available at leading boating and online retailers. This combination greatly increases the options for the boater who wishes to use a Solaire Anywhere or Solaire Everywhere on his boat.

We have created a page on the new Solaire Website at http://bit.ly/MountAdapterPlate that shows photos of the plate in action, as well as all of the Magma mounts to which it is compatible. You can also access the original photos of the Adapter Plate on our photo repository at http://bit.ly/PortablePhotos.


Update on Evin's Ride – Mission Accomplished!


In the past two newsletters we told you about Capt. (SEAL) Evin Thompson, USN (ret.),  and his bike ride across the USA on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. Evin, who is Rett Rasmussen's Naval Academy classmate and water polo teammate, retired in April after thirty years of active duty and commenced on the bike ride of a lifetime on May 1. On July 11, 2012, after 72 days and 4639.8 miles, Evin arrived at Victory Monument in Yorktown, VA, to complete his ride.

Evin dedicated each day of his ride to a fallen SEAL or support hero who has made the supreme sacrifice since 9/11/01. He dedicated the last day of his ride to all of the SEALs, boat operators and Naval Special Warfare combat enablers who will give their lives in the future in the security of our nation. Per Evin: "While our nation has remained secure during the last 10+ years, it has only been so because of these men and the other members of the Department of Defense, the other federal agencies and our domestic law enforcement and first responders. The threat to America is real, but it is brave men and women that face danger every day who will maintain the freedom and security of America for years to come."

I encourage you to donate to the Navy Seal Foundation whose mission is to assist the families of injured or killed SEALs and boat operators, as well as to keep them in your prayers. https://www.givedirect.org/give/givefrm.asp?CID=4730 (under "Program Area", select "Follow Evin Thompson – Bike Ride).

Footnote: Evin followed up this ride by biking 500 miles across his home state of Iowa, a ride he has done for more than ten years. He's quite a guy!


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