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July 2010 – Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

In this monthly newsletter we will provide you with timely news and knowledge to help your business succeed. Below you will find this month’s current content. Because we want this as a valuable resource for you, and don’t want this to just be junk in your email box, we would like you to rate this newsletter and give us your feedback on what you want to see.Click here to participate in a short 3 question survey to let us know what you would like to see from this newsletter in the future.

DOE Rule Challenge Update

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

On June 29 and 30, 2010, about thirty manufacturer members and staff of the HPBA and two industry consultants met in Chicago with the attorney hired to lead the HPBA challenge against the recent DOE rule on energy efficiency and its impact on hearth products. Click Here for More

Anywhere vs. Everywhere

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

Rasmussen recently introduced the Solaire Everywhere Portable Infrared Grill as a lower priced alternative to the Solaire Anywhere Portable Infrared Grill. The Solaire Everywhere extends our reach of infrared grills to a broader audience while providing enough distinctions to keep the Anywhere as a viable product in the marketplace. Click Here for More

“Too Expensive For My Customers.”

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

At least once per trade show or HPBA affiliate meeting I’ll encounter a specialty hearth products/grill dealer who finds interest in our products but can’t connect the dots to their own customers. They stop, look, ask questions, and say “I might want that for my home.” Click Here for More

Recent Solaire Testimonials

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

We often receive unsolicited testimonials and comments from happy Solaire owners
and users.They like to share with us
their impressions of and experiences with their Solaire Infrared Grill.Here are a few recent ones: Click Here for More

9 Things to do Before Entering Social Media

by Lisa Barone

You’re going to give this social media thing a solid chance. You’ve heard that social media delivers leads, connects you with customers and you’re confident that you can avoid falling victim to the many social media myths. All that’s left to do is create the accounts hop in. Wait!
Not so fast. Small Business Trends

Credit card relief for entrepreneurs may be on the way

by Brady Dennis and Ylan Q. Mui

Business owners could get a break from high credit card “swipe fees” under an amendment passed by the Senate last week. Merchants for the first time would be allowed to offer cash discounts or set minimum levels for credit card purchases — two measures blocked by banks in the past. The Washington Post
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NEW Solaire EverywhereTM

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

The Lightest portable infrared grill, weighing in at 15 pounds, the Solaire EverywhereTM lets you experience succulent, restaurant-quality food anywhere you take it. Click here for more information.
Solaire Single Burner

NEW Solaire Single Side Burner

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

The Single Side Burner for built-in grill applications is now available for your outdoor kitchen clients.
Solaire Accent

NEW Solaire Demo Rental Program

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

The rental transaction is totally accomplished online between the consumer and Rasmussen. The dealer absorbs $100 of the $200 coupon that the consumer will present upon the time of sale. The coupon is forwarded to Rasmussen, who will remit a check in the amount of $100 to the dealer. Here is what the dealer receives for his $100:

1) Lead Acquisition

2) Educated & Committed Buyer

3) Elimination of Buyers Remorse

4) A Sale! Click here to learn more.


Chris from Houston, TX: “The Solaire
Anywhere Grill that got to me just before Father’s Day, I must say, is heaven
in a little silver box! I cannot honestly remember the last time my wife has
clapped after every bite of food that she ate after having steak for the first
time on the Anywhere grill. Well done on
this product, we love it!”

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