September 10, 2013

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New Log Price List

You can access the new price list by clicking or visiting

You can use the Table of Contents on the Front Cover, or the Index on the Back Page, to find what you need. We also have a familiarization video (mini-webinar) available to assist you in using the new price list, linked at

The new prices are effective for all orders placed on or after October 1, 2013. With a few exceptions, price changes were limited to our casted products (Logs, FireBalls, FireShapes and FireStones), due to deferred and anticipated increases in raw materials, freight and general cost of doing business. Our prices have been fairly stable for steel and controls (except the EIS controls shown on page 14) so we are maintaining prices for hearth kits (burners, grates and controls).

The price list has increased in page count to accommodate the following items and features:

  1. Pages 8-11 – Added Stainless Steel Burners/Grate Match Lighted/EIS Ready Hearth Kits.
  2. Page 12 – Added a basic Manual Standing Pilot Safety Control Kit (SPK1) on Page 12. This utilizes a Copreci valve we used until 2007.
  3. Page 13 – Added a Wireless Wall Switch for use with millivolt and EIS controls.
  4. Pages 14-15 – Added Stainless Steel Burners and Grates.
  5. Reformatted the Match Lighted (pages 8-11) and various Hearth Kits with Factory Assembled Controls (pages 16-34) to include a “Description” column to assist in identifying the item you need. We needed to print these pages in “landscape” orientation to fit in the information.
  6. Pages 29-30 – Added a Manual Control with Valve Vanisher (Copreci valve) for a variety of burner styles, providing a lower priced control system in the popular Valve Vanisher chassis.
  7. Pages 40-43 – Expanded the FireLine series with more Stainless Steel burner and Valve Vanisher options.
  8. Pages 44-46 – Added “Rustic FireBalls”, which have a textured finished and three new colorations.
  9. Pages 51-52 – Added Millivolt Control (“S”) to Chillbuster CoalFire sets.
  10. Pages 54-56 – Added Manual Control (“M”) and Millivolt Control (“S”) to Chillbuster Gas Log sets. These are the same controls that we offered until 2007.
  11. Pages 58-69 – For Alterna Vent-free sets, added Millivolt controls. Also, we now display the each item number rather than require you to add a suffix for either Black or Stainless Steel chassis. As with all burner and control systems, you still need to indicate “N” for Natural Gas or “P” for Propane.



NEW– Monthly Specials


This is our first "Monthly Special", where we make a special offer on excess inventory on items no longer offered in our price list or from over-production.

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