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Valve Vanisher

Very Well Received by Many Dealers

We have been producing the Valve Vanisher, with both Electronic Ignition and Millivolt control systems, for about two years. They have proven to be extremely reliable and very well received by many dealers. Applied to virtually all of our vented burners from 15″ to 30″ set sizes, The Valve Vanisher features:

  1. Quick Installation – it’s factory assembled, so it’s ready to go when you pull it from the carton. Connect to the gas supply, place the pan filler and embers, set the logs, and light ‘er off!
  2. Because it’s factory assembled, you don’t have to concern yourself with installation of the pilot and placement of the valve. Because we operationally test each one, we eliminate most installation-related service issues that occur from kit installations.
  3. Bigger is better. For most installations, it allows you to use the same size set you would use if you were installing a match lighted set.
  4. No more “Big Ugly Box” on the side of the gas logs. The Valve Vanisher allows for perfect centering of the set in the firebox while locating the controls in a cooler zone.

It’s time to get your displays ready for the upcoming season. Please consider installing a Rasmussen Gas Log set with a Valve Vanisher system in your burning display. Learn more and see photos of the various burners.




Sales Order Confirmations


Rasmussen will now provide you with an email confirmation of your orders if you are set up with us to receive your invoices via email. Here is what happens at Rasmussen when you place an order with us:

Receipt Confirmation – After an order is received, we will confirm receipt of it by the same method in which it was received (email to email; fax to fax). This is done to eliminate the need for “did you get it” phone calls.

Entry and Double-Check – The order is entered into our system and the Sales Order is double-checked by a different person for accuracy of input.

Sales Order Confirmation – After double-checking, those customers who are set up to receive their invoices by email will receive an email of the Sales Order showing the quantities, items, prices, and terms, as well as billing and ship to addresses. Please contact us immediately if there are any discrepancies. Unfortunately, we do not offer this service to customers who receive their invoices by means other than email.

Shipping Date – We do not confirm a specific shipping date, as production time is dependent on many factors. We state in the cover letter with the Sales Order that normal production time is one to five days, and that we will contact you if we will exceed that time frame. Believe us, we want to ship your order as soon as possible, and we have raw materials, inventory and procedures to do so.

Email Recipients – We can add as many people to the email distribution list as desired, but we cannot parse the list so that only some get Sales Orders and others only get Invoices. It’s all or nothing.

Opt-Out – We can opt your company out from receiving Sales Order Confirmations. Please email your desire to accounting@rasmussen.biz if you wish to opt-out.

Opt-In – If you would like to change your invoice delivery to Email (and receive Sales Order Confirmations), please email your opt-in desire to accounting@rasmussen.biz

We appreciate your orders greatly and have many processes in place, including the above, to ensure we meet your needs for item accuracy, timeliness, and quality of product. Please contact us if you have any questions.




HPBA Board Meeting


Rett Rasmussen attended the Board Meeting for the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association on July 19 in Salt Lake City, UT. The Board traditionally has its summer meeting at the site of the next Expo, which will be in Salt Lake City March 5-8, 2014 in Salt Lake City. In an effort to improve both exhibitor and attendee participation in the Expo, the Board voted to flatten the exhibitor rates to just Member and Non-Member pricing (from six different rates), and to reduce the Non-Member Attendee cost to $75 from $150. The Expo accounts for 70% of the revenue of HPBA, and with all of the fights HPBA has been leading against government regulation of various facets of our industry, we need as much revenue as possible. The Expo and Membership committees were tasked with resolving competing interests in further reducing the cost for attendees for future shows while not losing out on Affiliate memberships, who are primarily Retailers.

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Customer Handling Tip

7 Ways to Help Customers Understand Your Product


You probably have an incredibly thorough understanding of your company’s products and services, and that can actually make it more difficult to explain to customers what you do, writes Lee LeFever. The next time you explain your product, focus on the big picture, go easy on the details, avoid condescension, make your message simple, use a story, answer the question “why” and use visuals to add clarity, he writes in the Harvard Business Review online.

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