A top priority of our newsletter is to provide you with business building advice that will make you more money. The election next Tuesday, November 6, could significantly impact your business for the next four or more years. Face it, none of the products that Rasmussen makes and that most hearth and patio dealers sell would be classified as “necessities”. We all sell luxury items that are purely discretionary purchases, and we need customers with disposable income who feel confident to spend their “extra” money on our fine products.

Gov. Mitt Romney is our recommendation for President. Throughout this long campaign, he has best espoused growth policies that will more positively impact the economy than those of his opponent, whose track record of profligate spending and failure to lead on fiscal matters leave no expectation of anything better should he continue for another four years. Gov. Romney’s proposals to simplify the tax code, reduce the negative impact of government regulations, and strive for energy independence through increased exploration of our domestic resources will leave more money in the private sector for investment and consumption, which can return the USA to growth levels we have not seen for years. And that will bring us the customers we seek to purchase our products and provide us with the growth we need to improve our businesses, hire more workers and better enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Regardless of whether you agree with our recommendation, please exercise you duty, right and privilege to vote. And please encourage those around you to do the same, as this is the backbone of our American system and a great demonstration of the liberty that eludes most of the world.