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NEW Gas Logs/FireBalls/Etc. Price List

Gas Logs Price List

As announced in our August 29, 2019, email newsletter (see copy at https://gaslogsandgrills.com/2019/08/august-29-2019-news/ ), our Gas Logs/FireBalls/FireStones/etc. prices will change for all orders placed on Monday, September 16 or later. 
We are pleased to make available the new price list for your reference and download at http://rasmussen.host4kb.com/article/AA-05035/0/  (or go to www.RasBox.com and click on the #1 Featured Article).
We have submitted it to the printer for printing and expect copies in two to three weeks. Please submit all hard copy requests to Orders@Rasmussen.biz

Price List Changes, Deletions, Additions in LP-919 from previous version (LP-916)


  • Most prices were raised 7%. First price change since September 2016.
  • All “Natural” Color prices for vented FireBalls, FireShapes, and FireStones are now the same as the other colors (has been this way for vent-free sets for years). We spend as much effort to make a Natural item as to make any of the other colors.
  • Reformatted all pages to Portrait orientation. Use of shading to visually separate product groupings.


  • Deleted Custom Burner with SS Strap Legs. Use CS in SS with Round Tube Legs.
  • Deleted “Z” kits – ANSI retrofit safety control systems and in Factory-assembled hearth kits. Plenty of other options with ANSI certification.
  • Deleted SS chassis versions of Valve Vanishers, except for CS burner. Lack of sales, but can be special ordered. Note: SS chassis does not mean it is suitable for outdoor – none of the lighting control systems are designed, intended, or hardened for the outdoor environment.
  • FireDrops. Lack of sales. We have some remaining inventory of various colors. Contact for quote.


  • Large Birch sets. The “front log” is actually two pieces to make the width. Intended for use with LD burners. Top logs provide a full, tall stack for larger fireplaces.
  • Added Minimum Footprint Dimensions for all Vented Burner systems to aid in selecting the proper size for a particular size of fireplace.
  • Page 61 – added actual pan dimensions of the F, FX and DF-CF Burners.
  • Page 61 – added actual pan dimensions of the F, FX and DF-CF Burners.
  • Page 65 – added to VEI parts: Wall Mounting Bracket for handheld transmitter; Wired Wall Switch; and replacement pilot assembly and bracket for the various burner styles.
  • Page 66 – added Log Lighter Valves with brass flanges and keys.

Feb 22, 2023

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