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Solaire Infrared Grills On TV

During the past couple of weeks, Solaire Grills have been featured on:

Valve Vanisher

ABC’s Good Morning America

Jon Taffer from Spike TV’s Bar Rescue provides an unsolicited (really, we had no idea they were doing this) summary of the many benefits of grilling with Solaire Infrared. Click here to watch the segment.

Bravo TV’s Below Deck

Below Deck 1

Below Deck 2

A Solaire 36” grill is installed on the 154- foot long luxury motor yacht Ohana, which charters for a mere $140,000 per week. Nothing but the best!


On the Radio

On the radio

We continue to advertise on the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, with bonus ads being run throughout the Salem Radio Network.

During the last four weeks, we have broadened the ads to include ones for Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters. Hear the latest ads:

Hugh on Solaire

Generic Bromic Ad

Hugh on Bromic

Valve Vanisher

Valve Vanisher

Our Valve Vanisher provides dealers with the following benefits:

1) Fully factory assembled and tested, making for a quick installation.

2) Allows for larger set to be installed without the “Big Ugly Box” to detract from the aesthetics.

3) Choice of controls:

  • Electronic Ignition with Remote Variable Flame Height Control
  • Millivolt Standing Pilot Switch/Remote Ready Control
  • Manual Standing Pilot Control

4) Use with all Rasmussen Vented Gas Logs and Alterna FireBalls, FireStones and FireShapes.

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Leadership Changes at Rasmussen

Rasmussen Iron Works, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1907, when it was founded as a blacksmith shop by Rasmus Rasmussen.

TR Rasmussen has assumed the position of Chairman of the Board. TR had been President since the 1970s.

Rett Rasmussen

Rett Rasmussen

Rett Rasmussen has been appointed President. Rett joined Rasmussen in 1987.

Irene Rasmussen

Irene Rasmussen

Irene Rasmussen has been appointed Vice President/General Counsel. Irene joined Rasmussen in 2001.

Quote of the Month

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— Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States.

November 2022

– Happy 247th Birthday to the US Marine Corps – November 10, 2022
– Happy Veterans Day – November 11, 2022

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July 2022

– Warm One Room, Not the Entire Home
– Solaire Testimonials
– New Bromic Patio Prices Effective August 1

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June 2022

– NEW Bromic Patio Heater Price List
– Eclipse Electric Heater – Update
– Happy Independence Day!

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May 2022

– Memorial Day
– Latest Bromic News
– Lead Time Update – Logs/Alterna and Solaire

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April 2022

– REMINDER: NEW Price Lists (effective April 18, 2022)
– Gas Logs Price List Familiarization Video

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March 2022

– Celebrating 115 Years of Business
– Eclipse Electric Heater – Update
– Current Price Lists
– 2021 Top Sellers

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