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    Independence Day


Summer is in full swing. It’s not only a time to sell grills, but to appreciate grilling yourself. Be sure to get outside and enjoy your well deserved down time with America’s other favorite pastime, because grilling is as American as it gets. So as we celebrate the 235th anniversary of the birth of our country this upcoming weekend, raise a tall, cool one in salute to those who have defended our liberty; take a few minutes to read the Declaration of Independence; fly your flag; and grill ’till you get your fill. Celebrate!

Rasmussen will be closed Monday, July 4, 2011, in observance.


    SOLAIRE Demo Program


Brian from PA had this to say about his experience with the Solaire Demo Rental Program: "Your program is amazing, as is the grill. I never would have considered spending $4000 or $5000 on a grill until I tried your demo grill. I was hooked after the first steak. My wife took an extra T-bone to convince her. Thank you for this great program and your great grill!"

Read about the dealer’s role in the program here. To sum it up, when a consumer brings in the discount coupon they receive at the conclusion of their demo rental period, the dealer needs to ask the consumer just two questions:

  1. Which size grill do you wish to purchase (27″ or larger)?; and
  2. Will that be cash, check or credit card?

They are already sold on Solaire, because they have grilled the types of food they like to eat in their own backyard. They are experienced, informed and ready to purchase when they cross your threshold with the discount coupon.

Fill out the form to receive your Solaire Demo Program Counter Card and to be listed as a participating dealer on our website. Let the Solaire Demo program help you close more sales.

    Important Videos to Watch

Log Display Racks

Summer is also the time to prepare for the Fireplace Season. Don’t let Labor Day sneak up one you.

Rasmussen offers display racks to help you be ready for when things heat up. View our recommended rack load-outs for selecting the sets to display in your shop, depending on your market and desires.

Watch Video


NEW! Zovani Infrared Heater Websitepic5

Rasmussen is the US distributor (except for the Pacific Northwest) for the Bromic Infrared Radiant Patio Heater line.

We have just launched a new website at to promote this new line of installed patio heaters with contemporary styling. Please contact us if you are interested in offering these fine heaters to your market. Visit Siterule1

The Spirit of the Blacksmithpic5

We recently added to our website a video presentation entitled “The Spirit of the Blacksmith” that presents our company, products and attributes to visitors to our website. Please check it out at


Rasmussen’s DBA Helps Your Businesspic5

Ed and Rett discuss internet visibility issues dealers have, and offer a free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) evaluation for your website.

Watch Video


    Make More Money NOW!

Introducing the NEW Dealer Business Alliance (DBA) Program, sponsored by Rasmussen.


Here’s what you get FREE:

  • Advertising, branding strategies & collateral
  • Inside & outside sales strategies & training
  • Online PR development & distribution
  • Email marketing tools & distribution
  • Website deveopment & SEO Strategies
  • Live & online training events

With Rasmussen and the Dealer Business Alliance program, you can make more money now.


    HELPFUL Links

Be sure to bookmark these useful pages:

Troubleshooting and Knowledge Base

Photo Repository

Blog / Newsletter Archive

    Custom Application Success!

Last month we suggested an idea exchange where dealers would share what is working for them. Many thanks to Mitchell from Wilshire Fireplace Shop in Encinitas, CA for providing the following three photos and descriptions. Please pass along your success stories, whether it be product or promotion “victories”.


“In response to your news letter, here is a custom application using your custom 72″ stainless steel pan burner along with a large TimberFire log set. The customer wanted a modern look utilizing a log set so we had you make up this burner with an extra set of legs in the center to handle the weight of the logs and crushed glass installed as the base under the logs. The customer was very happy with the outcome and when it was burning in the evening the effect was very dramatic!”


“Same home, but an inside see thru fireplace again using your custom pan with glass only for a very clean modern look.”


“This customer wanted a unique look in their firepit that would not involve crushed glass or logs. The wife wanted something that would look a little whimsical so we came up with this look using an assortment of different sized fireplaces to achieve the "lunar landscape" firepit. She was really happy with the look and it looked awesome in the evenings when it was burning.”

    What’s working out there?

We want more feedback!

We’ve been hearing some positive reports from the field that 2011 is shaping up well, especially compared to the past couple of years. What’s do you see? What actions have you taken that have had positive results?

Please email to a picture and a paragraph that we can share in this newsletter. Photos showing unique installations or special touches would be helpful. Such an idea exchange could be quite valuable – you might find that next big idea for your shop that has proven results from another area of the country. We’ll provide full attribution to those contributions that we use, with a link back to your website (which helps increase your search engine ranking).


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