In order to speed up the resolution of any technical issues you may have with a Rasmussen product, please consider and/or gather the following before contacting Rasmussen. 

Our goal is to resolve your issue in one call (or less):

  1. Enter the main issue into the "search" feature at . We may already have a documented solution that you can refer to in our KnowledgeBase. (if it isn't there, please let us know)
  2. Change the batteries.  If that doesn't works, change them again.  We have had several instances where new, out-of-the-package batteries were less than fully charged, and kept the product (grill igniter, remote control and EIS) from functioning properly.
  3. For vent-free sets, clean the air intake holes of the ODS pilot with air-in-a-can (keyboard cleaning air).  Refer to
  4. Adjust the pilot flame for greater gas flow by turning the pilot adjustment screw on the valve Counter-Clockwise.
  5. Have the firebox dimensions (front and rear widths, depth and height), gas type (Natural Gas or Propane) and location of gas supply into the firebox (wall or floor and where).
  6. Have the Model and/or Serial Number.  For gas logs, found on the metal plate, on most sets attached to the grate with a chain.  For grills, bottom side of drip tray for older grills, top side for newer grills.
  7. Photos, especially if you cannot find the model or serial number.  Clear photos (not fuzzy) that show the complete unit as well as closer views of the issue.  Allow us to see what you are seeing.  Email to us at or directly to the service technician.
  8. For grill ignition issues, the battery type (9-v, AA or AAA) used in the igniter.

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