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September 2010 – Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

In this monthly newsletter we will provide you with timely news and knowledge to help your business succeed. Below you will find this month’s current content. Because we want this as a valuable resource for you, and don’t want this to just be junk in your email box, we would like you to rate this newsletter and give us your feedback on what you want to see.Click here to participate in a short 3 question survey to let us know what you would like to see from this newsletter in the future.

#1 Vent Free Trouble Shooting Tip

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

Since 1980, all unvented heaters, including vent-free gas logs and alternative fires, have been equipped with Oxygen Depletion Sensor Pilots (ODS). The designs of all makes of these calibrated pilots have a common feature and a common result: they have a small hole or holes that draw air in to mix with the gas to make the pilot flame. With the air is also dust and lint which accumulates over time. Visit Our Blog to Read More…

Just One Word “Batteries”

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

In the movie “The Graduate”, Ben (played by Dustin Hoffman) received one word of advice (“Plastics”) from Mr. McGuire, an old family friend. Let’s recreate that scene, with me giving you some timely troubleshooting advice to help you have a bright future. Visit our blog to read more…

Price To Remain Unchanged

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

Due to ever increasing costs, and the fact that we have not changed prices for 2 1/2 years, we intended to implement a price increase during 2010. However, we have not yet done so. But, with the tenuous economy and with the fireplace season upon us, we have decided to… Visit our blog to read more…

Claim Your Business On Facebook Places

by Tony Bradley

The launch of Facebook’s location-based service, called Places, creates a marketing opportunity for business owners — and Tony Bradley recommends taking advantage of it. “If your business is a brick and mortar location that customers visit in person, odds are good that it will end up in Facebook Places whether you put it there or not,” Bradley writes. He explains the process of claiming an institution as your own on Places, which he recommends doing in order to take control of your business’ image instead of leaving it to anonymous Internet users. PC World

Small Businesses Are Rapidly Adopting Social-Media Marketing

by John Swartz

A surge in social-media use by small businesses reflects a shift in how they operate and their comfort with increasingly easy-to-use technology. USA Today

The Fine Line of Legitimate Leadership

by Edward A. Earle

Here is a lesson on leadership that is vital to the success and happiness of every CEO both professionally and personally.

Understanding this measuring tool will ensure that you spend your “people” time correctly and effectively. Not following this format, however, will guarantee that you are not talking “business” but indeed, wasting time, even if you are legitimately talking “business.” CEO Growth Team

Solaire Portables

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

The perfect cash-and-carry item to stock during tailgating and
Christmas gift buying season. You can’t sell them if you don’t stock them! Check them out Here


by Rett Rasmussen, VP

Made for larger fireplaces with taller openings. The 36-inch set is
perfectly proportioned for the big 50-inch zero-clearance fireplaces made by many of the leading manufacturers. Standard TimberFire sets up to 96-inches! View TimberFire Here


Chris from Houston, TX: “The Solaire
Anywhere Grill that got to me just before Father’s Day, I must say, is heaven
in a little silver box! I cannot honestly remember the last time my wife has
clapped after every bite of food that she ate after having steak for the first
time on the Anywhere grill. Well done on
this product, we love it!”

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