"Just one word ..."

In the movie “The Graduate”, Ben (played by Dustin Hoffman) received one word of advice (“Plastics”) from Mr. McGuire, an old family friend.  Let’s recreate that scene, with me giving you some timely troubleshooting advice to help you have a bright future.

Mr. Rasmussen: I just want to say one word to you – just one word.
You: Yes sir.
Mr. Rasmussen: Are you listening?
You: Yes I am.
Mr. Rasmussen: ‘Batteries.’
You: Exactly how do you mean?
Mr. Rasmussen: There’s a great future in replacing old batteries with fresh ones. Think about it. Will you think about it?
You: Yes I will.
Mr. Rasmussen: Shh! Enough said. That’s a deal.


Change the batteries first!

Batteries.  Grill ignition systems use them to create sparks.  Gas log remote controls use them to send and receive signals.  They are small stores of energy that don’t last forever.  They periodically need to be replaced due to time, use or proximity to heat.  The first indications of the need to replace batteries are a degradation in performance, or a flat out refusal of the product to spark or turn on.  The nice thing about batteries is that they are available everywhere and consumers can replace them – no need for a service call if you can direct the consumer where to change them.

And beware of replacing batteries with less than fresh ones – you’ll just perpetuate the issue.  Make sure the new batteries are fresh with full power.  And remember that both the transmitter and the receiver have batteries that need changing.

So the next time a customer calls and says that their grill or remote control isn’t working, remember that special word of advice.  You’ll probably save yourself and your customer a bunch of time and effort, and you’ll prove just how wise your are.

Okay, that’s a wrap.  Good job!

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