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May 2010 – Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

In this monthly newsletter we will provide you with timely news and knowledge to help your business succeed. Below you will find this month’s current content. Because we want this as a valuable resource for you, and don’t want this to just be junk in your email box, we would like you to rate this newsletter and give us your feedback on what you want to see.Click here to participate in a short 3 question survey to let us know what you would like to see from this newsletter in the future.

Do You Trust Your Customers Enough To Amaze Them?

by Peter Merholz

Many companies talk about delivering a superior experience, but few actually do so. How will a business translate a value proposition into action? Harvard Business Review online/The Conversation blog

Google Relaunches Its Local Listing Service

by Margot McComb

Nearly two million businesses in the U.S. promote themselves by using free listing pages on Google. Today the search giant is wrapping its old listing tool, Local Business Center, into its existing directory, Google Places, to streamline the experience for the person searching and the business owner managing the business’ online presence.

Do Your Customers Know Where To Find You?

by Christine Whittemore

There’s an interesting paradox I’ve noticed having to do with an analog vs. a digital existence. You may have the most entrancing physical location imaginable, and yet because you can’t be found online, you can’t connect with customers and thus don’t exist. Have you encountered it? MarketingProfs/Daily Fix

Effective Pricing Strategies To Improve Profits

by Today’s Tip Contributor

Current turmoil in the financial markets, highly competitive markets, and downward pressure on product prices strain the profits of companies both large and small. Now more than ever, companies must turn to the most influential, yet overlooked driver of profits: active price management.’s Tip blog

What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses in Business?  Find Out In This Quiz

by Andy Briol

Knowing your style as a business owner can help you understand why you approach your business as you do. It can also help you change behaviors or compensate for weaknesses. That way, you can break through to a new level of growth. Small Business Trends

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NEW Solaire EverywhereTM

by Rasmussen Iron Works, Inc.

The Lightest portable infrared grill, weighing in at 15 pounds, the Solaire EverywhereTM lets you experience succulent, restaurant-quality food anywhere you take it. Click here for more information.

Solaire Accent

NEW Solair Accent

by Rasmussen Iron Works, Inc.

We simply wanted to give the consumer the ability to exprience Solaire before they made the larger investment into a backyard grill, so we created a smaller full-size grill, the Solaire Accent™. Click here to learn more.


“Solaire is the greatest grilling system for the outdoors! My new island has been completed yesterday and the Solaire fitted right in and today it’s time to do some Filet Mignon demo’s for the customers at Weaver’s Furniture.”

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November 2022

– Happy 247th Birthday to the US Marine Corps – November 10, 2022
– Happy Veterans Day – November 11, 2022

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July 2022

– Warm One Room, Not the Entire Home
– Solaire Testimonials
– New Bromic Patio Prices Effective August 1

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June 2022

– NEW Bromic Patio Heater Price List
– Eclipse Electric Heater – Update
– Happy Independence Day!

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May 2022

– Memorial Day
– Latest Bromic News
– Lead Time Update – Logs/Alterna and Solaire

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April 2022

– REMINDER: NEW Price Lists (effective April 18, 2022)
– Gas Logs Price List Familiarization Video

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March 2022

– Celebrating 115 Years of Business
– Eclipse Electric Heater – Update
– Current Price Lists
– 2021 Top Sellers

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