New Price List

New Price List for Rasmussen Gas Logs, Chillbuster and Alterna.

All good things must come to an end.  Our current prices have been in effect for over 3 1/2 years.  We have absorbed many cost increases during the downturn, but now must recover some of them.  Accordingly, the new price list reflects, in general, a 10% increase across the board.  The new prices are effective November 1, 2011.  
The new price list will be available for download on Monday October 10 from

The new price list integrates into one list what used to be two.  It also includes many new items:

  • "DF-CF" Double Face Vented Burner.  Rather than assembling two F or FX burners back-to-back, the DF-CF is one integral burner, utilizing ember booster tubes to distribute the gas.  Easier installation and more positive lighting than the DF-F and DF-FX systems (which are still available for the time being).  Please remember to order the Double Face Grate when ordering Double Face Burners.
  • "FireDrops".  Complementing our FireGlitter glass, the FireDrops beads provide another contemporary look for both vented and vent-free sets.  Available in six colors:  Aqua Blue, Black, Emerald Green, Fire Red, Honey Yellow and Platinum.
  • New Electronic Ignition Systems (EIS) for Chillbuster and Alterna Vent-free sets
  • New EIS with Valve Vanisher for ANSI Vented sets and Rumford sets featuring the TNA burners.
  • Higher BTU capacity options for EIS and Millivolt controls.
  • Rear logs for larger TimberFire sets, allowing them to be used with Flaming Ember and Custom Pan burners.
  • New FireBall sizes:  5" and 12" diameters.  The 5" have been arranged into several Uniform Ball Size sets to fit the various Custom Pan burners, including the new 30" x 16" (CS30W).  The 12" are available individually.
  • New large double face burners based on the LC and LD burner designs.  You need larger gas lines for these (3/4" to 1" minimum), but if you have the large fireplace and the gas volume, the DF-LC (21" deep) and DF-LD (25" deep) with two TimberFire log sets per burner will fill them up in a big way.

(Most new items are available now.  The new EIS for Chillbuster, Alterna, ANSI and Rumford will be available for shipping by end of October.  Photos of all new items will be available by end of October in our photo repository at and well as incorporated into our website).