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2021 HPBExpo Date & Location Change

HPBExpo 2021

HPBA just announced that they have changed the dates and location of the 2021 HPBExpo to June 24-26 in Louisville, KY. Rasmussen, a “pioneer” in HPBA, intends to exhibit there for the 42nd time, have exhibited in every Expo since it originated in 1980 under the predecessor to HPBA, the Wood Heating Alliance (WHA).

Please read more about HPBA’s decision to change from early March in Nashville to the later date at https://hpbexpo.com/



What’s Up With Bromic Heaters?

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High demand and a lagging supply chain, that’s what.

High demand and a lagging supply chain, that’s what.

What started in June as a nice increase in activity for Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters turned into a feeding frenzy in mid-August through the present. People realized that the COVID lockdowns were not likely to be lifted anytime soon. Looking ahead to cooling Autumn temperatures, restaurant and bar owners were looking for heating solutions to keep their patrons warm, so they started ordering heaters. Consumers, looking to set up comfortable outdoors areas for family and friends to gather to watch football or socialize, followed suit. The result was a run on patio heaters that no one could have predicted during the earlier, darker-outlook days of the lockdowns. Distributors nationwide, including Rasmussen (Bromic’s first in North American and consistently in the top #1 or #2 in sales for Bromic), as well as Bromic Corporate, were quickly exhausted of much of their inventory. Tungsten Portables, with no installation of gas or electricy required, went quickly, followed by Tungsten Electrics. Bromic’s global supply chain could not adapt or catch-up, with lead times lengthening from 90 days to 120 and more.

Where are we now?
This week we have been receiving heater shipments from orders we placed in mid-June, and these shipments were not complete. I anticipate that it will take several months for the supply chain to catch up with orders we placed during the summer and early fall, and with demand. I, and Bromic, do not expect demand to slow down. Patio Heaters are hot (yep, pun intended) and the demand for them will continue, as it is unlikely that the memory of the COVID lockdowns will fade anytime soon. “Be Prepared” will be more than just for Boy Scouts. Winter months will allow for proper planning for spring installations. Please utilize our Free Site Design Survey for a personalized heater layout recommendation at https://radiantpatioheater.com/free-site-design-survey/

What to Do?
Inventory levels are constantly changing.

  • Call us to check stock before committing to a customer. We will gladly tell you if we can fulfill any immediate needs. It is a moving target, so publishing an inventory list is only valid until I hit “send”.
  • Place orders to get in the queue for when we receive shipments. We are fulfilling orders on a “first in, first out” basis.

We have a container of 160 of the Tungsten Portable Heaters expected to be delivered in December (I am still awaiting a more certain delivery date). As I write this, 110 of the 160 have been committed to orders. The next container of Portables after this is likely to be in late January or early February. Please refer to #2 above.

Not yet a Bromic Dealer?
Please contact Rett Rasmussen at Rett@Rasmussen.biz to get started. Learn about Bromic Radiant Patio Heaters at https://radiantpatioheater.com/



Troubleshooting Tip

Important AnnouncementPeople are starting to use their gas log sets for the first time this season. Here are the main issues you may get calls about:

  • Trouble lighting the pilot.
    • Trouble lighting the pilot.
    • Replace the batteries in both the transmitter and the receiver with fresh batteries. A weak battery in the transmitter may not allow it to “speak” with the receiver. Weak batteries in the receiver will not have sufficient power to operate the valve, solenoid or motor drive (as appropriate with your particular control system). Check batteries with a voltmeter before using, as ones new out of the pack are not always “fresh”.
    • Odor
      • Vented – Ensure the damper is WIDE OPEN and that there are no obstructions (bee hives, bird nests, etc.). If odors, smoke and other combustion products from the pretty yellow flame can’t go up the chimney, they will go into the room.
      • Vent-Free – Since the gas log set is drawing its combustion air from the living area, any odors or impurities present in the room will be recycled through the flame and recirculated back into the room as noticeable odors. Have they remodeled or painted the inside of the home since the last time they used their vent-free gas log set? Offgassing from fresh paint or varnish, paint remover, cements and glues, new carpet or textiles, etc. will result in odors. Other sources of odors are pet hair, dust build-up in and around the gas log set, cigarette smoke, potpourri and incense. Odors can also be released from residue that remains in the firebox and flue from previous wood burning. Slightly opening a window to allow more fresh air into the room, and/or slightly opening the chimney damper to allow some of the products of combustion to vent up the chimney can help your situation if you are unable to identify a specific contributor to the odor, or if the natural odor of combustion is unacceptable.

    While your customer’s attention is focused on his gas log set, and since the set may have been installed for a while and may or may not have had any user maintenance performed on it, we recommend that he do the following:

    • Thoroughly read the instruction manual, which may be downloaded installation/instruction manuals from our website at http://goo.gl/p4M9g
    • Ensure that all air intake regions of the lower part of the burner, as well as the burner ports themselves, are clear of dust, lint or other debris that would block proper air intake or gas flow. Please view the photos found at http://goo.gl/OUODQm for the location of these regions.
    • Ensure that the logs are arranged in accordance with the instructions. Improper log placement can result in substandard performance.
    • Ensure the firebox is clean of any soot or residue from previous wood burning that the previous owner may not have, but should have, removed before placing the gas log set into service.


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