Infrared Burners and Grill

Direct Infrared Heat

Infrared is becoming the method of choice for today’s backyard chef. Infrared is  faster, hotter, and cleaner than other ways of cooking, and with Solaire’s line of  infrared gas grills and burners, nothing could be better.

Types of Cooking 101

Conduction: Conduction cooking involves the direct transfer of heat from one thing to another. Although this is the most traditional method, conduction is definitely the slowest and least efficient form of cooking. What does this mean when you are grilling? Cooking by foods in direct contact with the hot cooking grate.

Convection cooking involves fluid (as in boiling an ear of corn in water). In your grill, convection involves the way hot air flows  around your food. 

Radiation is totally different from other forms of cooking. Radiation is cooking by use of a form of electromagnetic energy that is directed at the food you cook. This can be like cooking in your microwave or by using radiant heat from an electric heating element like in your oven (specifically for broiling) or toaster. Anything that is heated to a high temperature radiates heat so hot coals in a charcoal grill give off some radiant energy (charcoal cooking is about 25% radiant or infrared cooking).

Infrared (or Infra-Red) has become the big buzz word in outdoor cooking. The infrared burner is being called the microwave of the outdoor kitchen and credited with salvaging the gas grill industry. The question many people seem to have is, do I really need infrared and will it make me a better cook? The answer is, yes!

Why Use Infrared?

The one basic and most important fact about infrared grills and burners is that they generate much higher temperatures than normal grills and can heat up much faster. These grills can reach surface cooking temperatures well over 1000 degrees in as little as 3 minutes. Pretty impressive, but what does this do for you? Infrared grills sear meat quickly, lock in juices, and cook faster than any other grill available. It is this fast and hot cooking that is infrared grills greatest advantage.

Infrared promises a whole new kind of outdoor cooking that gives you a lot of power. With practice you can use this power to grill some great meals. It isn’t hard to master infrared, after all every grill produces some infrared heat. Infrared burners and grills simply produce a lot more of it so that they can produce higher temperatures. So if you choose to go infrared, make sure you get the configuration you want and don’t be intimidated by the technology. Infrared is fast, safe, and convenient for any occasion.

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