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Gas Logs

Fireplace Products (Logs, FireBalls, etc.)

Based on current order backlog, we are quoting 4 to 6 weeks on all orders, plus shipping. When we can, we ship sooner, but no promises at this point.

Solaire Infrared Grills

2 to 3 weeks, plus shipping, for most orders,

Bromic Patio Heater

We are well stocked on almost all items, except:

  1. Eclipse Electric. Limited supply ETA is February 2022. Please place orders to get in the queue.
  2. Tungsten Portable for Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Conversion Kit – shipping delays pushed ETA back one another month to approximately December 1. We have plenty of Propane Tungsten Portable Heaters.

Please view our Stock Status at https://radiantpatioheater.com/status/


Outdoor use of Rasmussen Gas Logs and Alterna Products

Vented – We offer our Pan Burners and Grates in Stainless Steel, with Volcanic Ash as the pan filler, for Outdoor Match-Lighted use. We do not recommend using a control system outdoors, because:
1) Pilots blow out in the wind, creating a nuisance issue for the customer;
2) The components were not made nor hardened for the harsh outdoors environment, and are not warranted for outdoor use, by either Rasmussen or the component manufacturers.

Vent-free – Our sets that are certified to the unvented heater standard are not intended for outdoor use. The valves and other components are not "hardened" for the weather and humidity, and will corrode, which is not a warrantable condition by either the component manufacturers or Rasmussen. The Stainless Steel Chassis versions offered for the AFB, AFM, and AFS are for design purposes, not an invitation to use outdoors.

Question: “I have an Outdoor Vent-free Fireplace – what kind of set can I put in this?

Answer: Sorry, Rasmussen does not yet have a solution for this. Our sets that are certified to the unvented heater standard are not intended for outdoor use – the valves and other components are not "hardened" for the weather and humidity, and will corrode, which is not a warrantable condition by either the component manufacturers or Rasmussen.

Vented pan burners produce soot. Without a chimney to exhaust the products of combustion away from the fireplace and above any structure, the soot will discolor the front of the fireplace, the ceiling and furnishings nearby. Again, not a warrantable condition.

Architects love to spec in outdoor unvented fireplaces because they don’t have to worry about how high the chimney will need to be to clear nearby structures, or the additional expense of the chimney. But in making the decision to go with such a fireplace, they leave the issue of what will fill the opening to another day and person.

What you really need is a non-sooting gas log set which can be used outdoors. We have tried a couple of different designs over the past few years of development to fill this niche, but have been unsuccessful in achieving this, especially given the shifting conditions of a hostile outdoor environment. I do not know of any manufacturer who offers such a set, nor does Rasmussen have a time when we expect to have such a set.

Learn more about Solaire Infrared Grills at SolaireGasGrills.com.


Bromic Online Training Opportunities

Bromic Heating Logo

Dario DellaMaggiore of Bromic corporate will once again be conducting online video Dealer Product Training on the following dates: 

  • Nov 5, 2021 09:00 AM Pacific Time
  • Nov 17, 2021 12:00 PM Pacific Time
  • Dec 10, 2021 10:00 AM Pacific Time

The training will include information on who buys heat and where it is being used; helping identify target customers both commercial and residential; and how to use Bromic’s Design Service as a tool. In addition to reviewing the Platinum and Tungsten product families, Dario will introduce the new Eclipse models.

Please sign up at https://gaslogsandgrills.com/bromic-product-training/  

 Please contact Rett Rasmussen with any questions. Rett@Rasmussen.biz or 562-696-8718


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