HPBExpo 2018 Nashville Recap

Rasmussen exhibited for the 39th time at the HPBExpo – that’s every year since it started, for those keeping score. Nashville is a fun town, the Music City Center a great venue, and the attendees were upbeat, interested and plentiful. Here is a recap of our booth from the show:

We featured a new “brick and mortar” booth design. Visitors were greeted and assisted by (left to right) Rett Rasmussen, Ray Vavla, Rich Robles and Felix Ortiz.


Here are a few perimeter views of our booth:



And now for a nickel tour of the inside of the booth. The items we displayed were our overall bestsellers from 2017.

1) CoalFire#5 Vent-free set. Shown: C9B with Classic Basket and ON/OFF Remote Control with Thermostat. (item #CLAS-B-C9B-SE + THR2R)

2) FireGlitter #6 Vent-free set. Shown: Black Chassis with Blue/Green Glass and Manual Control. (item# AFM24-ME + GM24-BG)

3) Chillbuster 1 Single Burner #2 Vent-free set. Shown: Split side of front log (reversible front log also has bark side), with Manual Control. (Item #KW24 + C1A-M-N)

4) FireBalls#1 Vent-free Set. Shown: Dark Gray FireBalls with Stainless Steel Chassis and Electronic Ignition with Variable Flame Height Remote Control. (item #AFB24-DG + AFB24-EI-SS)

5) Chillbuster 5 Triple Burner#3 Vent-free set. Shown: C5B with Variable Flame Height Remote Control. (item #HF24 + C5B-RE)

6) Chillbuster 7 Single Burner #4 Vent-free set. Shown: C7 with Millivolt Switch/Remote Ready Control. (item #HG24 + C7-S)

7) Birch #8 Vented set. Shown: 36” Birch logs and LD36 burner with Variable Flame Height Remote Control. (item #WB36 + LD36-RE)


8) TimberFire#3 Vented Logs. Shown: 24” TimberFire logs with LC Multi-Burner and Variable Flame Height Remote Control. (item # PH24 +LC24-RE)

9) Prestige Oak#6 Vented Logs. Shown: 24” Prestige Oak logs with Flaming Ember XTRA burner and ON/OFF Remote control. (item # PR248 + B24FXH-RPK3E + SR-2R)

10) Evening CrossFire#9 Vented Logs. Shown: 24” Evening CrossFire logs with Flaming Ember XTRA Burner, match lighted. (item #EXF24 + B24FXH-N)

11) Evening Prestige#1 Vented Logs. Shown: 24” Evening Prestige Logs with Flaming Ember XTRA burner and Valve Vanisher Chassis with Electronic Ignition and Variable Flame Height Remote Control. (item # EPR24 + B24FXH-VEI)


12) Lone Star#4 Vented Logs. Shown: 24” Lone Star logs with Flaming Ember XTRA burner and Millivolt ON/OFF Remote Control. (item # LS24 + B24FXH-RPK3 + SR-MV1)

13) Manzanita#7 Vented Logs. Shown: 24” Manzanita logs with Flaming Ember burner. (item # ML246 + B24FH-N)

2017 Vented Burners Sales Ranking:

#1 – FX Flaming Ember XTRA

#2 – CS Custom Pan

#3 – F Flaming Ember

#4 – LC Multi-Burner

#5 – CXF Custom Embers

14) FireBalls #2 Vented. Shown: 24” FireBalls in Black color with Custom Pan burner in Stainless Steel and Valve Vanisher Chassis with Electronic Ignition and Variable Flame Height Remote Control. (item # FB24-BL + CS24-SR-VEI)

15) Mixed FireBalls #5 Vented. Shown: 24” Mixed FireBalls in Natural color with Custom Embers Pan burner – match lighted. (item # BALL24-A-NA + CXF24-B-N)

16) FireStones#11 Vented. Shown: 24” FireStones in Calico colors with Custom Pan burner – match lighted. (item #STCX-24A + CS24-B-N)


17) Driftwood FirePit Logs. Shown: 18” footprint diameter. (item # FP18D)

18) Bark/Split FirePit Logs. Shown: 20” footprint diameter. (item # FP20B)

19) Rumford Tipi – Shown: Rumford Tipi Logs for 48” wide Rumford fireplace with TNA burner and Valve Vanisher Chassis with Electronic Ignition and Variable Flame Height Remote Control. (item # RF-T48LOG + TNA24-R48-VEI)

20) Our Founder – Rasmus Rasmussen, Blacksmith

1) Solaire 21XL on Pedestal. (item # SOL-IRBQ-21GIRXL-PED)

2) Solaire 27XL with Rear Rotisserie Burner on Cart. The 27XL is our best selling backyard grill, the convergence of size and price. (item # SOL-AGBQ-27GIRXLC)

NEWNow standard on all 27XL and larger carts – Tank Pull-out for easy installation and removal of propane tank.


3) Solaire 36” with Rear Rotisserie Burner on Premium Cart. (item # SOL-AGBQ-36CXIR)

4) Solaire AllAbout Double Burner on Cart. (item # SOL-AA23A-LP +SOL-AA23GC)

5) Solaire Anywhere with Warming Rack, on Tripod with Tank/Hose Adapter. (item # SOL-SOL-IR17BWR + SOL-SATRI + SOL-SAHOSE6)

6) Solaire Everywhere Portable Infrared Grill (item # SOL-EV17A)

1) Bromic Tungsten 4000W Electric Heater in Black. (item # BR-ETNG-40)

2) Bromic Platinum 3400W Electric Heater in White. (item # BR-EPLA34-WH)

3) Bromic Tungsten 6000W Electric Heater in Black. (item # BR-ETNG-60-WH)

4) Bromic Tungsten 300 Gas Heater with Heat Deflector. (item # BR-TNG300 + BR-DEFTNG3)

5) Bromic Cobalt 4000W Electric Heater. (item # BR-ECB40)

6) Bromic Platinum 500 Gas Heater with Heat Deflector. (item # BR-PLA500 + BR-DEFPLA5)

7) Bromic Dimmer Controller. (item # BR-WDCW)

8) Bromic Platinum 2300W Electric Heater in Black. (item # BR-EPLA23)

9) Bromic ON/OFF Controller. (item # BR-WRCW)

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