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November 2010 – Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

In this monthly newsletter we will provide you with timely news and knowledge to help your business succeed.  Below you will find this month's current content.  Because we want this as a valuable resource for you, and don't want this to just be junk in your email box,  we would like you to rate this newsletter and give us your feedback on what you want to see. 
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Rasmussen Salutes Our Veterans!

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

Rasmussen salutes those who have served our country with the celebration of Veteran's Day on November 11. Freedom is not free, but has been secured and protected by those who have served in our military services. We owe a debt of gratitude to our service members, past and present…
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Happy 235th Birthday to the US Marine Corp!

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

On November 10, 1775, Captain Samuel Nicholas formed two battalions of Continental Marines in Philadelphia as naval infantry. Since then, the Marines have served with honor and valor "from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli." They have been the first to fight in virtually all battles and engagements throughout the history of our country. The have fought ferociously, earning the nickname "Devil Dogs." And they have represented the best America has to offer: The Few, The Proud, The Marines. Click Here for More

SmugMug and RasBox – They're What You Need

by Rett Rasmussen

Rasmussen has two sites online which are ready resources for both your photo and troubleshooting needs. Both sites have photos and information for Rasmussen Gas Logs, Alterna Contemporary Gas Fires and Solaire Infrared Grills. Click Here for More


Sizing Rumford Log Sets for Success

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

Rumford Fireplaces have a different configuration than a conventional fireplace, and the sizing methodology for logs is also different. With conventional gas log sets, the set size is based on the largest log in the set (the set's nominal width). However, with Rumford Gas Logs, the sizing is based on the width of the fireplace, based on…Click Here for More

Shipment Preparation and Receiving

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

We take great care in preparing shipments. We unitize the cartons by stacking them in an alternating fashion from one tier to another, to avoid cartons from splitting apart from the pallet. We double plastic wrap the pallets, and use extra plastic around the base to unitize the bottom tier of cartons to the pallet. We top the pallets with plastic wrap (to keep moisture out), then place our logo-branded "Do Not Break Shrink Wrap" tape so that it is visible on all sides and evidence of an issue beyond Rasmussen's location if the plastic wrap or tape is broken. Click Here for More

What will the small-business law mean for you?

by Carol Tice

Besides the $30 billion loan fund, the recently passed small-businesses law includes an increase in Small Business Administration loan limits, funding for state investment programs and tax breaks. Most of the changes will help medium-size businesses rather than small companies, wrote Carol Tice, but the bill does include some provisions for smaller firms, including a deduction of health-insurance costs for the self-employed. Dose blog

It's not enough to be seen

by Amanda

Visibility is great, but it doesn't always translate into sales, according to this blog post. Simply setting up various social-media accounts and collecting followers won't do much to boost your bottom line. Trust and engagement are the keys to marketing success, no matter what the medium: "Even online, you should be able to project the image that your utmost concern is not only to sell but to build a relationship as well," the blogger writes. Small Business CEO

Charred Chunk Kits

Charred Chunk Kits Add to Vented Sets

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

Charred Chunk Kits extend the width and fullness of the various "Evening" series of gas log sets (ED, EPR, EXF, ELS and EC) to create a unique burnt-out front log appearance.  More

Solaire-Made TEC Replacement Burner

Solaire-made Burners and Grids for TEC Grills

by Rett Rasmussen, VP

Solaire makes replacement burners and grilling grids for the following grill models made by TEC: Patio II. Sterling II, and Sterling III.

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Oct/Nov 2011 Newsletter

  Oct / Nov 2011   "Save Gas Logs" Latest News   The Battle is Won, but the War Still Rages On. We've won a battle to save gas logs, but the war rages on. Late on November 9, 2011, the US Department of Energy (DOE) gave notice that they...

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August 2011 Newsletter

August 2011   BROMIC HEATER INTERVIEW   Watch Rett Rasmussen & Dan Joseph, Sales Director for Bromic Heating, discuss the new Bromic Heater.       Important Info & Announcements   Rasmussen Gas Logs & Grills is truly committed...

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July 2011 Newsletter

Corporate Communication 2 Trouble viewing - View online JULY 2011   SPECIAL PROMOTION   Get Ready for Tailgating Season Buy 5 Everywheres, Get One FREE PLUS get a free stand and shelf kit for your display. The Everywhere is a great "cash and carry...

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June 2011 Newsletter

Corporate Communication 2 Trouble viewing - View online JUNE 2011       Independence Day   Summer is in full swing. It's not only a time to sell grills, but to appreciate grilling yourself. Be sure to get outside and enjoy your well deserved down...

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May 2011 Newsletter

Corporate Communication 2 Trouble viewing - View online MAY 2011 Memorial Day As May closes, we observe Memorial Day, a day where we honor and remember those who have died while in military service to our great country.  This weekend also marks the start of the summer...

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April 2011 Newsletter

  April 2011     Welcome   This Month... we present to you a different format - mostly video.  Please take the three [3] question survey at the end to voice your opinion about our newsletter.  Your feedback is valuable and appreciated....

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February 2011 Newsletter

  February 2011 Welcome   HPBA Expo March 3-5, 2011   Rasmussen Gas Logs & Grills will exhibit next week at the Hearth Patio and Barbecue Expo in Salt Lake City at Booth #1720. Our booth is near the main entrance, so please stop by and say hello. For those who...

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January 2011 Newsletter

January 2011     Welcome   Happy New Year!   Rasmussen wishes you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011.  We experienced a positive reversal to the upside in our business in 2010 compared to 2009, and hope you had a productive 2010 in your...

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